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4 Handy Tips to Help Keep Event Crashers at Bay

4 Handy Tips to Help Keep Event Crashers at Bay


Nothing can really suck the life out of your event than having some crashers coming in. These are people who are uninvited and who forcibly enter your event like some rude drunken youngsters.

You do not want any event crashers to come in and destroy the night, so here are some handy tips event services that will help you keep them at bay:

1. Hire a Lot of Security Personnel

No matter how big or how small your event is, you will still need to hire some security personnel. The safety and security of all of the attendees are of utmost importance and you have to do whatever it takes to make them happy and feel safe.

You can hire a lot of security personnel and they should be stationed near the event area and at all of the entry points. If would-be event crashers see that there is a lot of security personnel, they would think twice of crashing your party.

2. Create a Guest List

Although this should be a common thing in events, there are some organizers who fail to implement this. There should be a guest list so that event security can screen and see who is invited or not. I would advise you to ditch the traditional pen and paper method since there is no convenient way of updating the list in real-time.

Go for a more digital approach so that the event organizer can just scrap or add some new names on the list with ease.Make sure to tell the security personnel to not allow anyone that is not on the list to enter the premises.

3. Use a Scanning Device

The more traditional methods of invitations such as hand stamps, paper tickets, and event wristbands are really easy to fake these days, that is why you need to transition and use a modern ID where you will use a specialized scanner to see it.

This is an approach that can help bolster the security as people can never fake the ID even with more advanced methodologies.

4. Have Your Guests Bring an ID

The last tip that can help prevent event crashers from getting in the venue would be to have your guests bring some sort of identification to help your security personnel if they are the real people who are on the guest list.

Oftentimes, if an event is quite big, you can never oversee everything and there might be some uninvited guests, which you do not like to have on your special occasion. Therefore, when you hand out your invitations, ask your guests to provide an ID before they can enter and explain it to them that it is for security purposes.


Event crashers are a pain to deal with because they do nothing but suck the life of the event dry until people would just want to leave. Make the necessary preparations and tell your event security that anyone who is not on the guest list should not be allowed entry in the venue.

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